The Future of Living: A Turtle-Shaped Terayacht Floating City Could House 60,000 People.

What could be more curious than a superyacht during a financial crisis? Of course, land yachts (ships larger than super, mega, and Giga yachts) are also available.

The latest luxury yacht to hit the market is the Pangeos, named after the supercontinent Pangea that existed between 200 and 335 million years ago. And if those seem like big numbers, wait until you hear the construction cost: $8 billion, according to designer Lazzarini.

Leave it to Lazzarini Design Studio to design a turtle-shaped ship big enough to hold an entire city.

The pioneering Italian company known for designing flying superyachts, futuristic seaports, and the like has just unveiled a stunning “land yacht” concept capable of housing thousands upon thousands of sailors.

Pangea is named after the supercontinent Pangea, which existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. Like its namesake, it would also cover a large amount of ocean. The Behemoth has an overall length of 1,800 feet and a wingspan of 2,000 feet. If built, it would become the largest floating structure in the world.



The steel frame has 30,000 individual “cells” that help keep Pangea afloat. The Earth turtle can drive non-stop around the world without emitting any emissions because there is almost no end to green energy. 

The ship is covered with solar panels that generate clean electricity from the sun for the cargo and the hotel’s electrical system. With nine electric motors of 16,800 hp each, Pangea could travel at a maximum speed of 5 knots. The “wings” could also extract more power from waves and wind.

Onshore Pangeos is a mix of a five-star resort, cruise ship, and city. According to Lazzarini, it can accommodate up to 60,000 guests through a combination of villas and apartments. Other attractions include a rooftop center, large gardens, several swimming pools, and a large beach club. Naturally, the yacht is equipped with helipads, hangars, and marinas to store helicopters, toys, and tenders.

Regarding the construction, Lazzarini explained that “a land yacht needs a land yacht.” Basically, Pangeos is too big to build in an existing yard, so it needs a custom installation. Saudi Arabia has been floated as a possible location. Designers estimate that the ship could be delivered in eight years and cost $8 billion.

Lazzarini even thought of a way to make money by launching Pangeos in the Metaverse. You can buy virtual real estate as an NFT with cryptocurrency, and it acts as a physical asset when Pangea materializes. May we suggest a luxury “super villa” for around $1,827 (1.5 ETH).


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