Tata Steel Empowers the Next Generation of Innovators with MaterialNEXT

New Delhi: Tata Steel on Saturday launched the fourth edition of MaterialNEXT, the company’s open innovation event in the growing supply chain.
The main theme of this publication is “Materials to Wonder,”  which aims to gather concepts about emerging supplies and their specific functions, according to the organization.

The program consists of two parallel tracks: the “Research Track,” which focuses on ideas and analytical services for major educational programs across India, and the “Initial Observation,” which focuses on startups born from incubator cells in the institute stage.

With the release of MaterialNEXT, four main material/expertise topic areas were launched: applied nanomaterials, novel composites, emerging construction materials, and energy materials. Within each of these four topic areas, multiple application-related bullet points are outlined, making it easy for collaborative teams to start recording concepts.

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Debashish Bhattacharjee, Business Head, Technology and New Materials, Tata Steel, said: “At Tata Steel, we are developing revolutionary opportunities and advanced applied sciences across the metals value chain by leveraging our R&D strengths and collaborating with a wider community of researchers, start-ups, and industrial organizations.” Our MaterialNEXT platform incubates younger people in high-tech in-house to foster the mastery of knowledge and skill-thinking. It can design advanced products and processes in the growing fields of high-tech equipment.

Tata Steel Advanced Materials Research Center (TSAMRC) is spearheading the company’s “Technology Entrepreneurship” initiative in a new and growing supply chain and has hosted this initiative since 2019. The program, which started at the IIT Madras campus, has gradually expanded across India and, over the years, has helped establish important educational and research institutes. MaterialNEXT worked to grow TSAMRC’s portfolio of competencies.


Lasts five months in three stages: selection (idea selection), action (idea development), and final result (idea evaluation). After enrolling in the groups, the selection stage is a 2-stage online examination that is accepted at the discussion and evaluation stage and is conducted by material experts. The final is likely to take place on Technology Day, May 11, 2023. 

In addition to mentoring and incubation support from the concept development portion of the event, internal and external materials experts are likely to collaborate in multiple phases of the event. The profitable and runner-up groups of each observer would receive cash prizes, and in addition, funding essentially offers the most promising ideas to be developed into long-term joint ventures.


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