The world’s largest single-span aircraft maintenance hangar will be built by HAECO Xiamen!

HAECO Xiamen held a groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction of a new aircraft maintenance facility at Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport.

Currently located at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, HAECO Xiamen will move to a new airport. The total area of the new maintenance facility is 537,300 square meters, of which the area under construction is 292,300 square meters and the platform area is 284,000 square meters are available.

HAECO Xiamen said 18 new buildings will be built for apron design, engine test sites, utility tunnels, jet fuel distribution, and other external works.

There will be 12 wide and narrow body care areas and two separate painting areas. When construction is complete, HAECO Xiamen will be the largest single-aisle aircraft maintenance hangar in the world, according to a member of the HAECO Group.

HAECO Xiamen said it combines innovation, green design, and advanced technology to achieve “optimal energy use and operational efficiency.” The company said: “The construction project was designed from the ground up to optimize operational efficiency and maximize space utilization, helping to reduce aircraft maintenance times and improve accuracy to meet customer maintenance schedules.”

“The new ‘hub’ design connects hangars and support buildings, facilitating logistics management and resource allocation.” The new maintenance facility also includes innovative design and the latest green resources, such as solar energy, intelligent building management systems, intelligent lighting control systems, water storage and climate systems, and advanced sewage and air treatment. 

The goal is to achieve gold certification according to the LEED-NC (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction) classification system. 

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