Sindalah Island: NEOM’s Premier Luxury Island Resort

Sindalah, NEOM’s first luxury island destination, will host superyachts and high-end residences, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed as he unveiled the latest project aimed at boosting Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry expands to an area of approximately 840,000sq. m. 

Sindalah is one of a group of islands to be developed as part of the gig project, which is expected to create 3,500 jobs in the tourism industry as well as hotel and leisure services.
The island, which is expected to open to visitors in early 2023, will serve as the main gateway to the Red Sea, offering customized marine experiences.
The Crown Prince said, “This is another important moment for NEOM and a big step towards realizing the Kingdom’s tourism goals under Vision 2030.”
“Sindalah is NEOM’s first luxury island and yacht club destination in the Red Sea, providing a scenic gateway to the Red Sea and becoming the region’s most exciting and attractive tourist destination.
“It is a destination where travelers can experience the true beauty of Neom and Saudi Arabia over water and below, making Sindalah the future of luxury travel.”
NEOM’s Director of Hotel Development, Chris Newman, described to Arab News the events and activities the island will see after its opening.
“Sindalah hopes to host sophisticated cultural events, spectacular sporting events, and glamorous social events throughout the year,” he said.

These include a social season from December to February, which offers guests access to exclusive music concerts and arts and cultural events held in a number of inspiring places.

“Glamour Season” runs from March to May and then from October to November, coinciding with the peak season for yachting events. g Guests can enjoy exclusive concerts, fashion, and culinary festivals as part of the glamor season.

The active season of June–September offers guests a choice of family-friendly beaches and recreational opportunities.
“Sindalah is one of many islands in NEOM.” “Other islands are under development, and we will announce in due course when more information becomes available,” added Newman.

Mohammed bin Salman, who is also the chairman of NEOM, According to the leaders, the launch of Sindala is a big step in the realization of the country’s tourism goals in line with the goals set in Vision 2030.

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Sindala has an 86-berth marina and 413 high-class hotel rooms and 333 high-end serviced apartments Other attractions at
Sindalah includes a luxury beach club, a yacht club, and 38 unique culinary offerings that offer unparalleled experiences on the Red Sea.

Sindalah is also expected to become a popular golf destination, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a world-class 6,474 yard (5,920 meters) on a par-70 course. Sindalah Golf Course offers two unique nine-hole experiences on its 18 holes.

NEOM, a $500 billion smart city, is one of the most important projects supporting Saudi Arabia’s national tourism strategy as the kingdom continues to diversify its economy, which for decades has been heavily dependent on oil.

Speaking at the World Travel and Tourism Global Summit in November, NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr said the smart city’s suspended stadiums help tourists imagine and visualize the future.
“We want people to come and see how sports stadiums are built and where they are built.” NEOM’s sports stadiums are 300 meters high, open, and suspended in the air, Al-Nasr said.

He also added that OXAGON, NEOM’s industrial city, also has all the potential to become a world-class tourist destination where visitors can come and see what the future holds.
“It is in Oxagonis, where all the industries are located, and it is the port of Neem.” However, we would like tourists to spend a day or two in Oxagonis. They see the future of the industry in Oxagon. Everything about NEOM is designed for the future. “We want them to come and see how the future ports work,” he added.

Source: Arab News

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