The Future of Healthcare: Exploring the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Medical Device Industry

Corpradar recently had a discussion with a Director and Chief Transformation Officer, GBS APAC, at Boston Scientific to gain insights into the various digital transformation challenges that both large and small corporations should be aware of.

As the Chief Transformation Officer of Boston Scientific, Mr. Sudhir has faced a myriad of challenges while leading the company’s global business services.

One of the primary challenges that Mr. Sudhir highlighted was managing growth while optimising processes and standardising them across different regions. This involves building capabilities and capacities to do more with less, which can be a daunting task for any organisation.

To address this challenge, Mr. Sudhir has focused on streamlining processes and implementing more automated systems. This has allowed Boston Scientific to free up more time for analysis and focus on innovation.

Another challenge that the company has faced is managing talent. While hiring talented individuals is relatively easy, retaining them can be a challenge. To address this, Mr. Sudhir emphasized talent development as an ongoing journey. He has looked at skill development, training, and data programmes to analyze the performance of teams. While also highlighting the importance of addressing the changing nature of the workforce, particularly the rise of the hybrid workforce. To influence people, he has focused on being outcome-focused and avoiding micromanagement.

Mr. Sudhir said, “Innovation is an ongoing journey. While it is important to have the right people in place, bottlenecks will always be present”. He has looked at ways to address these bottlenecks by fostering a culture of innovation and looking at ways to promote collaboration across different teams and regions.

Another area of focus for Boston has been corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. In particular, he highlighted the importance of mental health and wellness. Sorenson has looked at ways to promote these activities across the organisation, including implementing employee wellness programmes and partnering with outside organisations to promote mental health and wellness initiatives.

Overall, the challenges facing Boston Scientific are ongoing and require a mindset of continuous improvement.

While technology plays an important role, it is ultimately about people’s perception of it. By fostering a culture of innovation, focusing on talent development, and addressing the changing nature of the workforce, Boston Scientific has continued to advance science for life and make a positive impact in the world.

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